Archaeological Adventures of Arizona Petroglyph
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You Might Like To Try This If:

1. Spending your vacations sitting on a beach and staring at your toes has gotten old.

2. You suspect that "ancient history" might be something other than last year's computer or last week's corporate reorganization.

3. You would like to do and learn something meaningful with your leisure time.

4. You would like to make use of those designer hiking boots and water bottle in your closet.

5. You would like an opportunity to use your sunscreen in winter.

6. You have a sun hat and you've always wondered what the sweat band was for.

7. Your cardiologist told you to walk more.

8. Your shrink told you to get in touch with nature (so you are looking forward to backing into a cactus).

9. Your historian told you to forget the chemical engineering and get some humanities.

10. You would like to do something DIFFERENT.

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