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Five hundred years before Columbus, the mysterious deserts of the American Southwest were the habitat of now-vanished civilizations. This arid and hostile landscape was once home to incredibly ingenious cultures that thrived in a harsh environment. They not only managed the limited water and grew the crops that sustained them, but they also built roads and structures as high as four or five stories.

Desert Southwest Archaeological Site
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all that remains as testimony to their achievements are bits of crumbled walls, petroglyphs and the artifacts of these once-prosperous cultures, the scattered ceramic fragments of the implements of daily life. All are subject to the ravages of time, weather and vandalism. We don't know what ultimately caused the decay and collapse of these cultures: warfare, drought, or did humans mismanage their environment? There are many theories. But to discover the causes we must first preserve this fragile historical legacy of Native American archaeological sites.

Archaeological artifacts:  pottery sherds


Archaeological Adventures is dedicated to this preservation by organizing expeditions to record remote sites. Although we are a private enterprise, we work in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Arizona. The BLM administers 14 million acres of public lands in Arizona, housing hundreds of archaeological sites, but lacks the resources to record them.

Desert Southwest Archaeological Expedition


Guests Map a Site

The recording process
consists of mapping, photographing and documenting the site and its artifacts. The work is not strenuous and requires no experience: just your time and care. The product of our work is provided to the BLM with no use of tax dollars.


Guests measure contours of a siteWe invite you to join us in this project. Combine some hiking in the magnificent vistas of the desert southwest with an opportunity to learn, discover and touch ancient cultures. Besides the inherent enjoyment of your Discovery process, your efforts will contribute materially to the preservation of a fragile American historical legacy. The names of participants will be recorded in the official documentation records as members of archaeological field projects.


Desert Southwest Archaeological Architecture

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